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About Mark Roberts

Mark is the guy who let the idea of a cup of coffee with Jesus become the sermon on this website. Mark loves coffee, books, lighthouses, baseball stadiums, football, Tigger and chocolate, but not in that order. His heroes include Theodore Roosevelt, C.S. Lewis, and the explorers Lewis and Clark. If a movie is black-and-white he will watch it, and he is an admitted Doctor Who fanatic.

Mark has been preaching for the Westside church of Christ in Irving for more than 23 years. He loves Westside and its deep commitment to simple Christianity as described in the New Testament. He is married, has two daughters, and an amazing Scottie dog. He is a published author and widely used speaker. Mark is known for a high energy and passionate presentation of the Gospel, for relentlessly encouraging daily Bible reading, and for believing a cup of coffee makes most nearly everything better.


Many people contributed and worked hard to bring you this sermon website.

Doug Simmons did the audio editing and added all the professional touches. Larry Gayle did the voice overs. Mike Thurman at Torch Creative did the spectacular artwork. Stephen Hunt did the website programming that makes it all work.

If you have questions about the sermon you've heard email Mark at questions@justchristians.com or visit the church where he preaches, the Westside church of Christ in Irving, Texas. Go here for more info.